Ignasi Marimon-Clos

Back-end developer specialized in Scala and Java. Tech Lead and Architect since 2009 on multimillion, international projects in critical areas such as Healthcare and eDemocracy. Believes on the benefits of test-first coding and iterative releases. Continuous Integration practitioner since 2005. Currently interested in Distributed Systems and engineering Big Data (Lambda Architecture, Event Sourcing,... ).

Lightbend (dist sys / Akka)
CTO Enerbyte
Freelance (multiple sectors)
Scytl (eDemocracy)
NTE (Healthcare)
Graduated Telecom Engineering

82% Scala
89% Testing
81% Akka
93% Agile
67% Tuning
78% Reactive
91% Java
72% Coach

What i do

Agile Development

Using test first approach and continuous integration on a daily basis. Strong proponent of iterative deliveries and user of continuous delivery when accepted by the client.

API design

Proficient REST-API designer in close collaboration with Front-End developers attending their demands and needs in timely fashion. Familiar with Swagger and RAML as means to agree upon contracts and test deployed APIs. Comfortable in Spray and Play.

XP Coach

As an eXtreme Programming coach I've been helping teams boost their productivity by hand-holding them through a transition to good-practices. Using small theoretical lessons and pair programming with team members the actions focus on each person strengths and on the team-member's interactions.


Interested in performance and tuning of JVM code. Also interested in concurrency in general and actor model (Akka) in particular. Experienced in batch processing of huge amounts of data with rough experience with Apache Spark.